Services Overview

Advance Opportunities supports person-centered practices that focus on the goals, dreams and strengths of each individual. We strive to help each person take an active role as they choose ‒ through employment, vocational or life skills training, volunteering and participating in community activities.


Employment Services

    • Competitive, Integrated Employment
      We can help individuals find competitive, integrated employment (minimum wage or higher and hired directly by employer) or attain self employment. Direct support professionals (DSP) trained in employment services, can provide:
      • Exploration services: explore the option of working and discover career interests
      • Job planning services: go on job tours, create a resume, practice interview questions
      • Finding a job: fill out applications, go on interviews, learn about getting hired

Once hired, a DSP can provide on-the-job training and support as needed ‒ this could be initial training with periodic checks or long term.

    • Customized Employment (CE) Services 
      CE is a process that includes three parts: discovery, job development and employment support services. The foundation of CE is in the discovery phase that uses an individualized, person-centered approach to first discover a person’s skills, interests, and ideal conditions and create a visual resume. During job development, CE allows an employer to examine its specific workforce needs and fulfill those needs with an employee’s specific skills that have been identified in the discovery phase.
    • Community-Based Employment
      Direct support professionals assist individuals or work crews (up to 6 employees/crew) so they are able to maintain community employment and provide on-the-job training and support as needed.

High School Transition Program

Project SEARCH is a high school transition program that offers on-the-job experience through internships, classroom instruction and job placement assistance for high school students with disabilities.

Project SEARCH – Marshall was developed through cooperation of the following organizations: Avera Marshall, SWWC Service Cooperative, Advance Opportunities, Minnesota Vocational Rehabilitation, Regional School Districts, Minnesota West Community and Technical College and Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council.

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Non-Work Services

    • Community-Based Activities
      Advance Opportunities participates in community activities and volunteer opportunities that are of interest to individuals we serve. Some activities have included walking at the mall, volunteering for United Way food packaging, helping assemble quilts and SMSU speaking engagements.


Transportation is provided from each employee’s residence to work and home again through the various waiver services. Our agency provides transportation in our agency vehicles as well as through contracts with Southwest Coaches and Western Community Action. Our job coaches provide support on the buses and vans at all times.

Transportation for Supported Employment Services varies per individual’s need and is determined in conjunction with funding through the case manager.