About Us

Labels. Many individuals with disabilities have lived their whole life with a label. Their abilities have been overshadowed by their disability, and they’ve faced struggles to create independence, build healthy relationships, and find their voice. We understand this, and at Advance, we’re committed to changing that.

From our day services to our employment opportunities, Advance is a place where our clients can learn, grow, explore, and thrive. We’ve created room for them to enjoy meaningful employment, create relationships, and find purpose – the things we all want in our lives. The result? We’re helping individuals build their confidence, live with more independence, and feel heard and seen. What makes Advance unique is the variety of opportunities we provide and the flexibility we bring to our clients, meeting them where they’re at every day.

About Advance Opportunities

  • Private, non-profit agency for more than 50 years
  • Provide quality employment and training for adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities
    • Examples: autism, down syndrome, brain injury, mental health
  • Serve over 100 adults within 30-mile radius of Marshall, with transportation provided
  • Funding through:
    • State of MN
    • Federal Matching Dollars
    • County Funding
    • Vocational Rehabilitation Services
    • Corporate and Private Foundations
    • Individual Donations



To advance the lives of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities through creative community partnerships, vocational training and employment opportunities.



We aspire towards a society where all people are an integral part of their communities in which their abilities, not their disabilities, are recognized and valued.