Virtual Services

We are excited to offer virtual services! We are looking forward to joining you in a new way of learning, and a new way of being with your peers. 

In-person learning  happens through collaborative work, small groups, and time for independent practice.  With remote learning, the time is shortened due to the nature of concentrated screen time.  Instead of all day, a daily schedule might include about 1.75 hours in the morning and 1.75 hours in the afternoon.

Virtual meetings, whether individual or group, are held through the Teams/Zoom platform.  You can expect a calendar sent to you each week based on suggestions given by attendees (see link to the right). If there is a topic you wish to learn about, please let us know and we will work it into the schedule - your opinion is crucial in choosing what we will learn about.   

Our Vision


Vision: Enhanced connections and accessibility between work and home leading to growing independence. Inclusive experiences to build confidence in being an integral part of communities where you can showcase all abilities that will be recognized and valued.  

Purpose: The purpose of Advance Virtual Services is that it is individualized, connects home and work, and extends learning/services beyond the typical scheduled workday. It extends learning by creatively including life skills, routines, music, drama, and job skills with ample opportunities to practice.   

Principles: Establish and maintain regular and effective contact with individuals through group and individual meetings while creating opportunities for person-centered learning.   

Beliefs: We believe learning continues our whole lives and we believe that the individuals we serve have the freedom to learn what they want to learn. Enrichment through activities is also important for this process of lifelong learning.  

Interested in a Virtual Services?

Virtual services are by appointment only. Please contact your Designated Coordinator if interested.


Virtual Services Handbook

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Virtual Handbook


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