Car Seat Recycling


Lyon County Environmental Dept and Advance Opportunities have partnered together since 2016 to bring infant/child car seat and mattress recycling to Southwest Minnesota. The car seat recycling program provides part-time employment opportunities. Employees help to disassemble and sort the materials (like plastic, metal, foam and fabric) for recycling and some refer to it "like working on a puzzle"!

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Get rid of your old/expired car seats! 

Take car seats to the Lyon County Environmental Office
504 Fairgrounds Rd, Marshall, MN
Call 507-532-8210 for more information!
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3 Ways

Car Seat Recycling

Impacts Lives

Protects children by keeping old/expired car seats off the roads (plastic and straps can wear and be less effective)

Employs local adults with disABILITIES who take great pride in their work


Protects our land by recycling materials instead of putting plastic, metal and fabric in our county landfill