Car Seat Recycling Process


A car seat drive is held or car seats are collected at the Lyon County Environmental Office.


Car seats are disassembled:

  1. Fabric padding and safety straps are cut off with scissors.
  2. Foam is pulled off.
  3. All metal screws and parts are taken off with hand tools and screwdrivers.
  4. Embedded metal, like rivets, are removed with an oscillating tool.


All loose materials (plastic, metal, foam, straps and fabric) are sorted by similar kind. Straps may need to be cut off and removed from metal parts or plastic clips removed from fabric.


Sorted materials are picked up by our recycling partner and turned into innovative uses:

  • Foam and padding becomes carpet padding
  • Plastics are recycled into products like speed bumps and parking lot posts
  • Metal is recycled locally as scrap metal
  • Straps are made into carpet, rags and other cloth materials
FROM an Employee

“I like car seat recycling I get to work with my hands and I enjoy the people I work with. And getting a paycheck is important too!”