Covid-19 Information

Advance Opportunities Covid-19 Pandemic Response Action & Prevention Plan

Written April 2020 / Revised February 2022

This Action and Prevention Plan details procedures to prevent and minimize hazards to human health as it relates to the COVID-19 Pandemic. This document is prepared to describe implementation of precautionary and response measures to execute work safely and effectively by Advance Opportunities (Advance) employees and clients.

This Plan will be a living document, to be updated as often as new information regarding the Pandemic is released. This Plan attempts to capture specific actions, prevention plans, and procedures to address emergencies resulting from COVID-19. The provisions of the Plan will be implemented on-site and emergency action will be taken during any event that may threaten human health at the Advance site or any of the community sites where Advance employees or clients are employed.

This Action and Prevention Plan supplements the existing Advance Safety Policy.

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