Meet the Wacek Twins ‒ A “Double” Success Story!


Derek and Dustin are affectionately known around Advance Opportunities as “the twins”. These two young men have the most positive and contagious personalities and will brighten up anyone’s day wherever they go!

They are proud to share an apartment together in Marshall and are very independent. Both twins have great work ethics and will tell you that they were raised to help others and to work hard! Over a year ago, the two started working at Mid Continent Cabinetry in Cottonwood and found success and enjoyment in packaging and scanning products. They have recently started working a new job opportunity with Lyon County disassembling mattresses for recycling. They were interested in this job because of the physical nature of the job.

If they aren’t busy working at Mid Continent, you will find Derek and Dustin lending a helping hand, spending time with their friends, joking around or playing basketball. It’s an honor to work with Derek and Dustin and we are so proud of all that they have and continue to accomplish!

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