Green Tee


What is Green Tee?

A program through Advance Opportunities that recycles t-shirts and cotton fabric into rags for your business or home. This program was started to give adults with disabilities the opportunity to earn money, gain skills and have pride in a job well done.


How does this create jobs for adults with disabilities?

Employees that work in Advance Opportunities’ Green Tee program, will have the opportunity to earn money by sorting, folding and packaging the rags. All sales go directly to these employees.


What size are the rags?

16 x 16 (large) and 12 x 12 (small)


What is the cost?

$1.00 per pound (approx. 12-15 large rags, depending on fabric weight)

Sold in 1-lb. bundles or you can order them in boxes.


Where can I buy the rags?


Place an order for delivery with Jamie Struck at 507-537-7018 ext. 112



Habitat for Humanity ReStore
300 N. Hwy 59, Marshall MN   DIRECTIONS

Advance Opportunities office
1401 Peterson St, Marshall MN
(behind Hardee’s)   DIRECTIONS


What do you do with scraps leftover from making rags?

Some scraps are used in craft and rug making and unusable scraps are donated and recycled as salvage.