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Job Title: Direct Support Supervisor
FLSA Status: Non-exempt
Supervisor: Executive Director
Positions Supervised: Direct Support Professional

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Date of Last Review/Revision: August 26, 2020

This job description replaces all previous job descriptions and/or agreements between the applicable employee and Advance Opportunities.  This job description does not constitute, nor does it imply, a contract for employment.

Primary Duty Statement:

A Direct Support Supervisor at Advance has the primary responsibility for supervising all Direct Support Professionals on the work floor and in the community with specific attention to supervision of interactions between DSPs and individuals served, delegation of work, monitoring quality assurance, ensuring smooth operation of daily program including activities, coordination of transportation, and performance coaching of DSPs as necessary.

Essential Functions/Duties:

  1. Responsible to assist as scheduled in carrying out the day-to-day program of work, training and/or activities for assigned individuals served while meeting the needs of the employer.
  2. Responsible for coordinating substitute DSPs as needed or working with a group of individuals if a substitute DSP is not an option.
  3. Responsible for ensuring adequate transportation and staff to provide transportation. If there are not enough trained staff or subs, the Supervisor is responsible for providing transportation for individuals served.
  4. Responsible for daily coordination and scheduling of individuals’ work.
  5. Responsible for ensuring that DSPs engage individuals throughout the day and are sensitive to individual needs to maximize individual accomplishments.
  6. Responsible for familiarization with the backgrounds and special needs of individuals served and becoming knowledgeable about safety precautions for each individual served.
  7. Must be capable of working, communicating, and getting along well with others including all Advance employees, individuals served, coordinating providers, and co-operating community members.
  8. Must be capable of managing job related stress adequately and separating non-work-related stress from work to ensure it does not interfere with his/her job performance.
  9. Responsible as assigned for keeping records as required.
  10. Responsible for creating a staffing schedule and a transportation schedule.
  11. Responsible for checking and monitoring all medications for individuals served and creating/updating Medication Administration Records (MAR) and ensuring that Direct Support Professionals administer all medications accurately.
  12. Responsible to adhere to and uphold all safety rules and policies.
  13. Responsible for completing all DSP evaluations as assigned.
  14. Responsible for managing any necessary DSP discipline and advising the Executive Director of concerns that might require more than a verbal or written warning.
  15. Responsible for ensuring that training of all new DSPs and new jobs for individuals served is completed.
  16. Responsible to help with interviewing new DSPs as requested.
  17. Responsible for requesting items and/or picking up items from an individual’s residence as needed.
  18. Must maintain the highest ethical standards, dress appropriately for the job and conduct him/herself on and off the job in a manner that represents Advance in a positive way.
  19. Responsible for taking an active interest and participation in departmental activities and programs.
  20. Responsible for other duties that may be assigned.


The Direct Support Supervisor position at Advance requires experience working with people who have developmental and mental disabilities. It also requires solid interpersonal communication skills. A Direct Support Supervisor is also required to be sensitive to the needs of individuals and hold a valid driver’s license and have a driving record that meets the requirements of the current insurance carrier.  A Direct Support Supervisor should have a minimum of two years prior supervisory experience.  Must be able to prove an ability to work and get along well with others in a work setting.  Must be a proven, positive team member.


A high school diploma or equivalent with two years related work experience.

Mental/Motor, Physical & Environmental Demands Analysis:

Demand Codes:

Minimal (M): Minimal - Very atypical of the job, may occur under special circumstances.

Occasional (O): Occurs on an intermittent basis, up to 5%; up to 2 hours/week.

Somewhat Regular (SR): Occurs on a regular basis, typical of the job, 6 - 25%; up to 2 hours/day.

Frequent (F): Occurs on an ongoing, reoccurring basis, 26-60%; 2-5 hours/day.

Consistent (C): Occurs on a consistent basis, over 60%; over 5 hours/day.

Motor/Mental Ability M O SR F C
Mathematics X
Reading X
Writing X
Reasoning X
Problem Solving X
Attentiveness X
Work Supervision X
Guidance Available X
Autonomy X
Social Interaction X
Speed/Time X
Environment M O SR F C
Works with Others X
Works Alone X
Persons served X
Shift Work X
Extended Day X
Extreme Hot X Typical X Other
Extreme Cold X Typical X Other
Noise Elevation X
Confined Area X
Work Indoors X
Work Outdoors X Typical X Other
Mechanical Hazards X
Electrical Hazards X
Explosive Material X
High Places X Typical X Other
Cleaning chemicals X
Gases X
Physical Demands M O SR F C
Sitting X
Standing X
Walking X
Push/Pull (up to 10 lbs) X
Push/Pull (11-100 lbs) X
Push/Pull (over 100 lbs) X
Bending at Waist X
Twisting upper body X
Lift (up to 10 lbs) X
Lift (11-20 lbs) X
Lift (21-50 lbs) X
Lift (over 70 lbs) X
Wrist Twist X
Physical Intervention with persons served X
Balancing X
Operate Pressure Washer X
Kneeling X
Physically Assist Persons served to Ambulate X
Reaching X
Handling/Grasping X
Fingering X
Feeling X
Talking X
Hearing X
Seeing X
Depth Perception X
Color Vision X
Field of Vision X
Smelling X
Driving X


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